This section is the main part of the website providing information from various sources to build a comprehensive guide to maintaining relations, handling disagreement and conflict, and restoring relations by rebuilding trust.


The Introduction takes about 20 minutes to read and provides a basic understanding of what causes conflict, how we can handle conflict better and a framework for approaching these difficult conversations.

Elements of Conflict and Restoration

Many things contribute to how we handle conflict and restore relations. This section provides information is two groups;

  • About Conflict - information about the nature of conflict and why we might embrace disagreement
  • Things that Help - what we can do to become better at dealing with conflict when it arises

Handling Conflict

This section describes an approach to handling disagreement, difficult conversations and conflict. The approach can be used where a situation involves another person or a number of people.

Sources and links

The information on this site comes from many sources. This section lists these sources, approaches and provides links to useful materials.