In the Prepare stage we consider our motivation for a restorative dialogue, who to include, how they will be organised for the journey, and if we need facilitation support.

The Roadmap for Dialogue helps us navigate our way through a number of topics on the way to our destination, once we have set off.

Irrespective of how one or more groups are travelling, the way in which we carry out each restorative dialogue follows a similar pattern;

  • Make sure we are safe – this involves reviewing the guidelines to ensure they are still fit for purpose, amending them or adding to them as required.
  • Explore the situation – use the Roadmap to explore the many aspects that contribute to a conflict situation, while being aware that there is no one way to proceed, and that people will contribute in different ways and at their own pace.
  • Take stock and plan the next step – consider where we are on the journey, where we have visited, where the onward journey might take us, and what will be the next step.