The Chimp Paradox

The book, The Chimp Paradox, describes the ideas and concepts of Prof Steve Peters an English psychiatrist who works in elite sport. The concepts are presented using metaphors rather than the medical terms that describe the various parts of the brain. The main parts of the Chimp Model being the Chimp that represents the primitive, emotional part of the mind, the Human the logical and relating part, and the Computer the data processing part. Together these form the Divided Planet, which itself is part of the Physchological Universe.

The Divided Planet metaphor emphasises that we have multiple parts to our mind that can be in control depending on the situation. The book offers ways that we can manage our own Chimp, respond to others' chimps and work on ways to encourage our Human to be in control, rather than our Chimp which tends to hinder the ways we would like to interact during restorative dialogue.


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