About Us

We are a small group of individuals based in the UK. Our experience is that by being able to handle disagreement and conflict better, our private, professional and community lives are improved.

Our experience of the harm that disagreement and conflict can cause led us to start Restoring Relations. We have seen that lacking an understanding of the causes of conflict, and how to handle it peacefully, contributes significantly to its growth.

What we do

We provide free online information through this website to help you:

  • to better understand what causes disagreement and conflict
  • to know how you can go about handling difficult situations in ways that are less likely to result in damage to individuals and relationships

Understanding is a first step. Our workshops help you put that understanding into practice. In our workshops you can reinforce your understanding, relate it to your experience and practise essential skills. Our workshops provide a safe place to explore and share experiences.

Our work is developing and our group of facilitators is growing steadily.

If you share our passion and commitment, we would love to hear from you.